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Data Analytics

TC Analytics extends the TransChart reporting system into a robust research and ad-hoc analysis platform. It provides statistical data on patient and graph survival, length of stay for the transplant admission, rejection and readmission rates. The automatic Kaplan-Meier survival calculator displays graft and patient survival curves to visually display your program outcomes. The LAB CAT feature allows the user to search patient’s records for medication usage or laboratory results over time allowing for intervention at the onset of a problem.

Marketing Your Program

Transplant is not only an important area of medicine, it's also a business. Getting qualified referrals is essential to the health of the transplant program.


TransChart, through its standard and custom reporting, gives you insight to who, where, and how likely to be transplanted are the referrals you receive. 


One of the keys to reducing double entry and ensuring data integrity is to bring needed information from other sources directly into TransChart through a series of interfaces.


We recognize that part of the benefits of our system is that it can gather information from many sources and then present it in a manner conducive to effective workflow and clinical patient management. Our ever-growing suite of TC Interfaces address the full gamut of needs at your transplant program.


TransChart not only supports interfaces into our system, we also can embed TransChart data into your EMR workflow.  We embrace emerging technologies such as SMART on FHIR to accomplish this important functionality.

Please contact us for a list of systems where we have developed interfaces.

Managing Disease Patients

Often it is necessary to extend the reach of patient care beyond solid organ to assist in the treatment and tracking of patients earlier in the continuum of disease progression.   We currently support Heart Failure and Liver Disease patients, seamlessly moving them into the solid organ module when transplant is recommended.

Simplifying Regulatory Compliance

TransChart UNOS reporting module reduces both the time and the chance of transcription errors by auto populating the data into the UNOS forms from where it has been collected.


TransChart is an active member of the UNOS vendor group, which ensures that we can make the necessary changes to your system prior to the required date by UNOS.

Managing the Transplant Continuum

The TransChart Core software is based on a  set of functionalities supplemented by a series of add on modules. The core product includes the handling of all patient data from referral to transplant and onward for a lifetime of care.


TransChart is a highly configurable system capable of meeting a wide range of requirements for a diverse set of transplant centers. Included in the core product is easy access to over 125+ built in reports. 

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